Parallel Events

Every year we organise a series of parallel events during the 7 days of the Patmos film festival while some of those reach the big cities on the following months.
Those include workshops, parties, concerts and exhibitions for grown ups or kids.

For the 2017 parallel events check again around the 1st of June. Until then you can attend to one of our winter events, submit your films, or send us hello!
We are going to host a couple of  parties,  a live gig and possibly the  “First World Cup of non-boat Floating Vessel”. If you have any ideas, proposals, or anything specific to what we can organise during the 7 days of films seminars, workshops, documentaries, shorts, talks and parties then give a shout at



Darran Rees
12 days on Patmos
Photography Exhibition

IFFP invited the awarded photographer Darran Rees to spend 12 days on the island of Patmos before the 2016 edition and share his fresh look with the audiences of the festival.
We proudly present below some of the most unique pictures ever made on Patmos, which together with his complete colection will be exhibited in Patmos, Athens, London and New York.

Produced by Babis Tsoutsas
Exhibition Representative Maria Birbili
Paper by Chou Digital

Editions of 15 ( PLUS 3 AP)
Archival Glee Prints – A2 (or bigger)
1-5 €220 +vat
6-10 €450 +vat
11-15 €1100 +vat
For framed prints please add €40 + shipping
Prints of all images of “12 Days on Patmos” are available upon request and can be purchased online or through email at
(Please note not all copies are for sale and some of the editions are purchased and therfore not available. Prices are subject to change)

The Heart Of Patmos




Flying child of Patmos


Come to Paradise-1

Come to Paradise-2

Come to Paradise-3

Ascension day




Leonatis on the roof of his monastary

Giants of Patmos

Easy Rider ( Thanasis )









Tree of Night

Almyriki Tree





Son of England

Son of Greece