The Story So Far

The International Film Festival of Patmos is A FESTIVAL FOR FILMMAKERS. We are a non-profit organisation comprised of a growing team of influential filmmakers, artists and foundations who share our visions for promoting independent cinema and art. This year we are running from the 25th to the 31st of July.

IFFP is a non-competitive celebration of cinema, a meeting point for filmmakers and artists from around the world, and a platform for promoting independent storytelling. Utilising our best creative ideas, our passion for culture and a large reservoir of energy from friends and colleagues, we founded IFFP six years ago. Since then, every year, we set up a number of special screens and organise many smaller “surprise” films, events and parties in mesmerising locations around the island. Combining Patmos’ unique and untouched beauty, along with the international audiences and the magic of cinema, we create the memorable event that IFFP is.


The past six years has been successful because of our passion and love for what we do, and the vision that we hold for the future. These have set the foundations for a unique film festival. Because of this from 2010 – 2016 we have seen more then 21,000 attendees, screened 364 Feature films, documentaries and shorts, have been covered by TV, radio, press and online publications in 28 countries, hosted 28 masterclasses, seminars, panels, and workshops, resulting in the production of 2 feature documentaries, 2 short films and 2 short script competitions – all while enjoying over 35 parties, live concerts and special events! Over these five years we have celebrated 42 days of cinema, creativity and storytelling and we can’t wait to enjoy many more.



Every year we host a series of workshops, seminars and panels that are given by leading industry professionals, these include:

A Master Documentary Workshop for the creation of a feature length documentary with the participation of international universities and media organisations.

A Short Script Contest, where the winning script is awarded with the whole value of its production.A Dedicated day for Innovation and Creativity with parallel activities, panels and events for children.

And a Dedicated day to the environment with films, activities and discussions.



Every year IFFP organises a series of invitation only events for VIP’s, festival guests, sponsors and filmmakers. These include: Opening & Closing parties, a Special Filmmakers Networking Event, a Cocktail Evening at Aktis Hotel, a VIP Festival Dinner in one of Hora’s beautiful locations, a Boat excursions to the surrounding remote islands and Goodbye-Drinks at Kambos beach.


This is just our story so far… and we hope you can join us while we write our next chapter in 2017!